Kính 14Promax UNIQ Vivid Clear

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Superior brilliance with true color display

With Optix Vivid, experience high-performance resolution for greater screen-viewing pleasure. Colors are brighter and accurate, allowing you to be fully immersed in its pixel-perfect display.


Life happens

And there’s Optix screen protection for that. With shatter-resistance and anti-chip edges, Optix Vivid protects your screen from everyday knocks while promising HD clarity at your fingertips

Enhanced strength for longer durability

Optix Vivid’s full-coverage protection is designed to be able to withstand up to 1.8m in impact, so you never have to worry about cracks during accidental bumps and knocks.

dust-free installation

The complete installation kit that comes included makes affixing the screen protector onto the phone yourself an easy task. Each one is designed with Dust Repel™ anti-static technology, which keeps airborne dust at bay during application.

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